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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015- Miniature Settings, Group II

There was a question in the comments yesterday as to what connection these miniature displays have to a Flower Show. Perhaps in the photos that's not so easy to tell, because sometimes the plant materials are placed along the edges. And sometimes, the plants blend into the scene so well that you don't notice them... sort of like in real life. And that gets us to the point of these exhibits.

The idea is to create a miniature diorama tied in with the theme of the show, this time "Celebrate the Movies," that uses a variety of plant materials that recreate at the small scale a realistic scene.

Think of garden railroading. Miniature forests and landscapes are traversed by small trains (although larger than these displays), and the idea is to make it look as real as possible.

Judges are looking not only at how good the modeling skills are, but the variety of plant material, whether it fits the scale, enhances the scene or seems just "tacked on." Having a long list of different plants used isn't enough to win an award, but it sure doesn't hurt.

Of the winners in this second group, two were built by women, and the second place finisher was done by two women and a man.

Third place went to Sleeping Beauty. The judges said: "A well-crafted juxtaposition of good and evil. More menacing plant material would enhance the evil." I wasn't able to get any pictures of this one without terrible reflections. I really didn't think this one worked well at all. There was too much open space, the doll is stiff, and even with 18 different kinds of plants used, they are pretty lost. All opinions are free. You are welcome to yours, too!

Philadelphia Flower Show 2105- Miniatures: Sleeping Beauty

On the far right in the back corner, was the silhouette of the dragon.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2105- Miniatures: Sleeping Beauty

The red ribbon was taken by Lady and the Tramp. The judges said: "A whimsical 'take.' Minor scratch-built details could be improved." I agree. The modeling wasn't great, but it was a cute idea, very much in keeping with the movie theme without copying a scene. In fact it played on the idea that the cartoon characters were real. This one had 10 species of plant. They are pretty much all located in tiny planters, rather than to mimic a natural setting, but that is a perfectly acceptable use for the class.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2105- Miniatures: Lady and the Tramp

However, in the blue ribbon winner, you'll see plant materials everywhere, looking both natural and fanciful, creating the mood.

This is The Wizard of Oz. The judges said: "Willingly palpable energy." 26 species of plants were used.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2105- Miniatures: The Wizard of Oz

Philadelphia Flower Show 2105- Miniatures: The Wizard of Oz

Tomorrow...who knows? Something you haven't seen yet, I think.

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vanilla said...

Interesting. I'm pretty sure I am not in Kansas anymore.

Ann said...

even though there may have been plenty of plants used in the first two they really aren't all that noticeable to me.

The Furry Gnome said...

You are reminding me of several flower shows we've been to, all very interesting. Brings back good times!

Jean Knill said...

If blue is first place, it's easy to see why that one won. I love it.

Lin said...

I think the wizard of Oz was the best one. Good details.

Secondary Roads said...

I'm beginning to understand the allure of the flower show.

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