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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Declare it Spring

Out working today. Had to walk down a forest road beyond the impassible mud pit part. Gee, that's so upsetting, you know. Smirk.

forest road

However, there is nothing much there that says "spring" except for the fact that the snow is mostly gone. I did see some nice pileated woodpecker holes.

pileated woodpecker holes

The real sign of spring occurred at my own house. Laundry dried outside. Ahhh! That is my personal springtime milestone.

laundry on line

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Ann said...

mud pits and laundry hanging outside are definitely signs of spring. We have snow on the ground this morning so it's doesn't look very spring like here

vanilla said...

The long-awaited declaration of Spring by MQD. Rejoice! It is now official.

Secondary Roads said...

That first image is the kind of road that looks most inviting to me.

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