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Friday, March 6, 2015

Rough-Legged Hawk Again?

I spent one more night (last night) away from home with Chuck and Sylvia of Secondary Roads, and that was a really calm place to decompress from my busy trip for a few hours.

Just after I left their house I saw a hawk sitting in a tree that somehow didn't look like my familiar red-tail. I stopped and it took off. Then I knew it was something different! The tail was mostly white, or at least certainly not red.

I managed to catch it in two really terrible pictures. Looking in my bird book, I think it's a rough-legged hawk. So...here you are, for what it's worth... one shot from below and one from above.

rough legged hawk

rough legged hawk

I saw one of these hawks here, a couple of years ago, and got some bad pictures that time too. But, maybe, if I catch one a few more times I'll learn it.

I promise lots of Flower Show pictures soon. I have to get them organized a little. Work tonight... then maybe tomorrow.

See Rough Legged Hawk
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Ratty said...

The good thing is you got to see the hawk. There are lots of them around here. I'm happy every time I see one.

rainfield61 said...

Though terrible, the hawk is still a hawk.

Secondary Roads said...

I think I've seen a couple of times this year. Unfortunately, I was never close enough to identify him only to assure myself it wasn't a red tail.

Ann said...

a bad picture is better than none at all. At least it can help some in identifying it

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