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Monday, March 30, 2015

Nothing but Blue Skies

The temperature broke 50 here today, I'm pretty sure. I went for a walk and specifically looked for some hints of spring.

Yesterday, the skies cried and spit and threw snowballs with a vengeance. Screaming and having a hissy fit because winter has to leave?

I did like the drops caught on the screen behind some of my blue glass. But it's not spring-like.

blue glass bottles

So I carried my camera around my road loop-walk, just the three-mile one, and all I found that looked like spring was a lovely blue sky.

blue sky

I also managed to collect about a dollar's worth of filthy bottles and cans. And I even remembered to take a bag with me to carry them in.

(I see this is essentially the same shot of my blue glass that I previously shared, except for the wet screen. Maybe someday you'll see more of it.)

See Blue
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Ann said...

Pretty sky. That's the only sign of spring we've got here too. Yesterday it looked nice outside but the wind made it very cold

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Lovely photos ~ and I especially like the one of your blue glass in the window!

Secondary Roads said...

This must be the year of the "Never gonna give up" winter.

vanilla said...

"The skies. . . having a hissy fit because winter has to leave." I like the imagery, if not the hissy fit.

Beautiful here yesterday and today!

Lin said...

The skies have been blue...but the air still chilly. They keep saying it's gonna warm up....

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