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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hazy, Crazy, Not So Much Lazy

This was supposed to be yesterday's post. But I was tired. Today I'm tired with a headache, but it was still ok. Except I didn't take advantage of the nice weather today in any way.

But yesterday, although raining off and on, had a soft sort of feel to it. I got to drive some new back roads.

back road

Jehnsen Lake in the rain. It's no where near where I live. I was doing assignments three counties away.

Jehnsen Lake

And, a lovely lowland filled with marsh marigold. I turned around and went back to get this picture.

marsh marigolds

I think I'm too busy, but can't seem to stop it.

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Lin said...

I love those photos. I cannot imagine such beauty as I travel along to work. You cannot imagine all of the ugly concrete and metal I see each day on my commute. :( Then I ask myself why we live here.

Secondary Roads said...

That first scene is so enchanting. It's the kind of road that has to be explored.

Ann Thompson said...

All nice scenes. Love the first one. It's the kind of road that makes you want to drive down it just to see what's there

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