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Friday, May 8, 2015

Makin' Music with Friends

Chuck, Sylvia and I had a blast pretending we could play music this morning. We sang along too. Sylvia's cast kept her from bringing out the guitar. It all certainly qualified as "making a joyful noise," and that was good enough for us. We sang some folks songs, and some of the oldest hymns from books I took along. We'd look at a piece and go, "huh?" Then we'd play a line and say "Oh, I do remember that one." Great fun and some praising the Lord in there too.

accordion and keyboard

Tonight I'm giving a program at their church's mother-daughter banquet, then back immediately to work my night shift. Thus, I'm posting early. What a great day, and it's not over yet!

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Ann Thompson said...

Well the three of you should take that act on the road :)

Secondary Roads said...

It was indeed fun to pretend we could play. Well, we did play at it.

Lin said...

Aw, gees....I wish I was there for the fun! You 3 always have such a great time when you get together--how nice!

vanilla said...

What fun! Wish we could sing along with you.

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