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Monday, May 18, 2015

Now Where?

Yes, I'm getting ready for our big hike of the year! It will be much tamer than last year. Completely different, but I'm ready for whatever kind of adventure it turns out to be.

hiking gear

We'll be on the Buckeye Trail in NE Ohio, in a very urban/suburban area. A lot of the trail is multi-use, and a lot is just sidewalks and roads. We have a motel for the first night (Saturday), and then we are going to scout out some potential places to camp the next day and fool around, and rest from the mad scramble to actually leave our real lives. We'll start hiking on Monday. 134 total miles planned.

If I can get my phone to work as a hot spot (it was working fine, but last time I tried it wouldn't connect) I'll be able to blog at least every few days.

This experience will be unique, I think, even for Ohio. But if I want to complete the Buckeye Trail it has to be done. And it should be a lot warmer than my last miles in Ohio! (see link below)

See Cold
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eileeninmd said...

Sounds like a interesting hike. Have fun! Enjoy your week!

Secondary Roads said...

Should be fun. Hope the weather cooperates to make it pleasant.

Ann Thompson said...

I was curious about where in Ohio this trail was so I had to go look. It listed the towns it went through and the only one I recognized was Dayton.
Look forward to hearing about the hike

Lin said...

Oh, boy! I am jealous. I hope we can get out into nature one of these days. I miss being out in the warm sun and fresh air. Counting the days until I escape to Kentucky.

RNSANE said...

I am trying my best to stay cool...not out walking at all in these unbelieve India temperatures. Monsoon rains are due soon and I will welcome them. Hopefully, we won't have flooding. I wish you much pleasure and well being on your trek.

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