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Monday, May 11, 2015

Ouabache State Park

Was it only a couple of weeks ago I was in Indiana with Loretta? Lots has happened since then, and I still haven't showed you all the fun we had. On Sunday afternoon we went to Ouabache State Park. Just say Wabash, like the river. It's near Bluffton.

They have a nice trail system, over 10 miles! We did about two miles.

Ouabache State Park

We followed the eastern edge of the park and returned beside the small lake where a stream that flows into the river is dammed.

Ouabache State Park

Loretta is still smiling even after I walked her about to her limit.


I liked this bare honey locust against the sky.

honey locust

It's easy to tell the honey locust. It's the ones with the nasty thorns growing right from the trunk.

honey locust

Really full work day coming up tomorrow.

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vanilla said...

Ouabache is a very nice little park. We do it once each summer. On the schedule for August.

Secondary Roads said...

That trail pic looks so inviting . . .

Jan said...

I love your blog. It is always varied and interesting. I especially love it when you post from Indiana and places I have visited. Thanks for your interesting posts.

Ann Thompson said...

I've never seen a honey locust before. Those are some nasty looking thorns.

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