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Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Baby and a Prediction

There's a meme going around Facebook with a picture of Einstein. It says something like "Get a job, and within 14 days you will come into some money." Yup. I like that one. I got extra work hours both yesterday and today. At the middle of the month that should produce a nice reward.

Meanwhile, I forgot I had gotten these pictures. Last week I stopped to take a picture of this beautiful tamarack swamp.

tamarack swamp

Can you spot the difference between the two photos?

tamarack swamp

I just got lucky. The bird flew right across the scene as I snapped a picture. I saw it go, and then managed to find where it landed.

Of all the photos I snapped while it sat in a tree, only one is in focus. It's a baby red-tail hawk. They don't develop the red tail till later. I think this one is pretty young. Younger than the one at What a Teenager!

baby red-tail hawk

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Secondary Roads said...

Beautiful catch, Sharkey! I saw the difference immediately.

Ann said...

Nice catch. I didn't spot it in the second picture. I like that saying about getting a job.

vanilla said...

Funny how that job/money thing works. Works?

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