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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Orange Mist and a New Skill

Even though you'll never convince me that getting up early is a good thing, sometimes it's really beautiful. Sunrise from my kitchen this morning. Sorry about the power lines, but they are there.


And, I got to learn something new at work. I've never worked in the book room before, because those are usually run at the beginning of the week, when I'm not there. But the machine was acting up, and they still had a run to finish. Lots to learn about it all, but basically all this huge machine does is staple and trim the edges of booklets. I think it was made about 1940. Quite a klunker.

book machine

Nevertheless, we do get to piles of finished product.


See New Skill at Work
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Ann said...

What a pretty sunrise. I used to hate mornings but once I started working in the bakery I kind of had to get used to them. Now I love morning

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