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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Staying Safe in the Cemetery

If you are in Michigan, you know that this is opening day of gun-deer season. I took a walk in the cemetery rather than be anywhere near where people are hunting. Generally, I think hunters are fine, but there are some who drink too much, or are a little crazy.

One maple has somehow held on to its leaves and whispers "winter's not here yet."

cemetery creek

It was a peaceful walk. The residents don't bother me much.


See How's the Cemetery Creek?
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The Furry Gnome said...

Nice forested cemetary!

Ann said...

it's all too often you hear about accidents in the woods with hunters. All it takes is one careless person.
That's a nice spot for a cemetery

Secondary Roads said...

I'm wishing the hunters a lot of luck. Especially around here. I like that "never say die" maple.

Jean Knill said...

Looks like you have large and beautiful cemetery. There is one in England that I would like to visit and have a wander in. It's at Brookwood and runs alongside the railway track before it gets to Woking in Surrey. I see it from the train when I go to London.

Please continue to be vigilant when there are hunters about.

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