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Monday, November 30, 2015

Space Three and November Goal Report


I'm amazed that the grass has continued to stand up despite heavy rain and the first snow. Consequently, space three is cleared!

yard work

I'm sure every place you'd attempt to whack weeds there would be one plant that was annoying. In this space it's the witch grass, which you can see being beautiful if you follow that link. However, for purposes of cutting it, what a pain! It grows in thick clumps with very soft leaves that just want to entangle the blade rather than get cut off short.

And what about ALL that cut grass? Dumped in a place that doesn't matter. But it's quite a pile.

yard work

There are two more spaces to whack. Will I get them done? Not likely, but if the weather holds out, I'll keep chopping at them. I do have to nip off all the baby autumn olive trees that spring up instantly.

And now, it's the end of the month, so here's my report on progress toward my goals. Not great, but I did some things, and have to allow myself some leeway because of all those extra work hours.

54 in 300, report on day 37
1WRITINGbegin working on North Country Quest againnothingnothing
2WRITINGedit Kiss of the Butterfly, submit for publicationnothingnothing
3WRITING100 NC History pagesdid some preliminary planningnone
4WRITINGblog about 8 wild foodsnonenone
5WRITINGfinish Dead Mule Swamp Druggistchapter 202 chapters added
6WRITINGdo 10 book promotion things1, have an article in Aaron Paul Lazar's Write Like the Wind which will also be on his blog in Dec2
7WRITINGwriting schedule day 50 times45
8WRITING5 entries in Off the Sanctuary Wallnonenone
9WRITINGpursue a contract I can't name yetnothingnothing
10WRITINGtalk to 5 bookstores about carrying mysteriesnonenone
11HOUSEfix kitchen drawerDONEDONE
12HOUSEcut down 5 autumn olive treesnonenone
13HOUSEclean refrigerator twicenonenone
14HOUSEreplace kitchen faucetnothingnothing
15HOUSEget lawnmower fixednothingnothing
16HOUSEclean terracenothingnothing
17HOUSEkitchen light electric boxnothingnothing
18HOUSEreplace faucet by washing machinenothingnothing
19HOUSEput away model railroad stuffnonenone
20HOUSEspend 10 hours sorting books1need to buy a new, brighter light bulb for that space!
21FITNESSincrease to 30 pushups16increase of 4 this month
22FITNESSincrease to 100 jumping jacks50increase of 20
23FITNESSincrease to 2 min planking70 secincrease of 10 sec
24FITNESSwalk, bike, ski or snowshoe 200 times58, this is terrible, but I was just too tired after all those extra work hours to walk
25HIKINGNCT Hike 100 Challenge for 2016nonedoesn't start till Jan 1
26HIKINGvisit 5 new MI counties to explore trailsnonenone
27HIKINGhike 100 more miles of the Buckeye Trailnonenext spring
28HIKINGclear my trail better5have worked on it a total of 8 days, terrible
29PERSONALSavings Goalnonenone
30PERSONALFinancial Goal #2nothingnothing
31PERSONALlose 10 pounds1I think I can safely claim to have lost 1
32PERSONALplay music 50 times35
33PERSONALother #1 (200 times)712, not on track
34PERSONALother #211, not on track
35MISCmake 21 quarts juice4, made the rest of the apples into cider7 total
36MISCtry 10 new wild foodsnonenone
37MISCsome genealogy stuffnothingnothing
38MISC100 more pix on Shark Shotsnonenone
39MISC2 photo cards documentednothingnothing
40MISCgive 10 gifts from my kitchennonenone
41MISCeat at Brenda's Burgersnothingnothing
42MISCeat at Country Crittersnothingbut I'd better, because it's for sale
43MISCtake my trailer on 2 tripsnonenone
44MISCfinish monkey bootiesnothingnothing
45MISCget two programs NCT and Kitchen Sinknonenone
46MISCget rid of 100 things7, sold some things on eBay7
47MISCread or listen to 100 books6, best one was Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson, set in the early 1900's when many lynchings happened in the south6
48MISCmove NCC from Josh's garagenothingnothing
49MISCshort bios of 5 relativesnonenone
50MISCsort my fabricnothingnothing
51MISCdo something inside my trailernothingnothing
52MISCadd 50 things to family heritage listnonenone
53MISCsome VCR tapes to DVDnonenone
54MISCsome cassette tapes to CDnonenone
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See Changes and First Update
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vanilla said...

Making such a list would wear me out; nothing left with which to attain any goals. On the other hand, one who has no goals makes no gains. More power to you.

Secondary Roads said...

I'm with Vanilla on this one. I had to take a rest part way through reading you list.

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck and Vanilla- you guys make me think I'm working hard. I'm still doing a lot of fooling around, but sometimes I'm too tired to do anything else.

Ann said...

Getting things done on your list and working all those hours makes me feel pretty lazy. I've made lists like that in the past. Maybe not as long as yours but I always end up not knowing what to start first and so end up doing nothing.

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