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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vocabulary Day- Feb 2013

vocabulary day

There have been fewer new words this month. I haven't read a book set in any exotic location, and that helps. Take some guesses, or show me up, whichever! These are words that are either brand new to me or rediscovered (my personal rule is that if I can't define it, I have to look it up).

I'm currently reading Bridge of Sighs which I think might endure to become the best book of 2013.

You missed the free story if you didn't get on the email list at Mail Chimp, but who knows what I'll give away next, so you might want to join.

1. fichu
a. a fish sneeze
b. a neckerchief
c. a type of knitting
d. a Chinese time period

2. chorine
a. a greenish gas
b. a prostitute
c. a chorus line dancer
d. a yellow mineral

3. vaporetto
a. a type of cigarette
b. a coffee drink
c. a a tea kettle
d. a public water bus

4. simoon
a. a hot dry wind
b. an ape
c. a type of sailboat
d. a half moon

5. skirred
a. gathered
b. traveled rapidly
c. edged
d. corrugated

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Loretta said...

Loved the free short story!! Did not even have a hint of what was to come until the walk out at the end. very clever.

Ann said...

well give that fish a tissue to cover his fichu. Maybe he could hook up with Chorine the local prostitute

Secondary Roads said...

The only one I knew was chlorine. I'm sorry there will be no humorous interpretation of these words this month. I'm just not up to it yet.

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