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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Another Day, Another Air Hose

OK, today is just going to be one of those reality checks. Life is not all hikes and hugs and mountain tops and scenic views.

It was back to work for me this morning. Beth said I looked less than enthused. Sigh. I was just thinking about all of the above items. When... BANG... there was a gunshot.

Actually, it wasn't. In fact, this time we didn't all duck for cover because we knew what it was. We all just hit the stop buttons to turn everything off.

Yup, another ruptured air line.

ruptured air line

I have to say that the last time this happened (about a month ago) it was pretty scary because we didn't know what it was. We did get the machine shut down, but it was so loud that it was actually frightening. Even the press guys came in to check that everything was OK.

Easy enough to replace, but some new tubing would be nice instead of just cutting off a length of some used stuff.

Probably more pretty pictures tomorrow. Have to share a little more from the trip to da UP.

See Sure-Tyer
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Secondary Roads said...

A loud sound like that would certainly get your attention.

Ann Thompson said...

What a way to welcome you back

Questter ! said...

The old stuff is weak. Why not replace the whole line?

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- the first time, we really thought a tire outside in the alley had blown out, and no one wanted to say gunshot. It was shocking.

Ann- I guess they had quite a week. I picked a good one to be gone.

Questter- sounds good, but who's going to convince anyone we can order new line?

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