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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Manistee National Forest Challenge Hike #9

Eleven of us and Sophie dog hiking today. We did 9.8 miles. We got sprinkled on a few times, but not enough to even get wet. The temperature was great- in the 60s, and even the purists survived the 2.3 mile roadwalk in the middle that we'll probably never get rid of. Too many little cottage properties.

hiking group

We found another teepee someone has built. This is pretty extensive construction with a bench inside and a raised walkway to reach it. I don't think it was there when I hiked this piece last October.


I always love crossing the Big Sable River. It's shallow and lazy here. It always makes me feel peaceful.

Big Sable River

Then we got to the roadwalk section, but there were actually some interesting plants along that. This wetland is full of Cottongrass (and leatherleaf and marsh fern).


Some Bergamot among the goldenrod.


We found a dead blue jay beside the trail. Sad, but it gave me a chance to picture the beautiful colors of its feathers.

blue jay

Followed soon afterwards by brilliant Cardinal Flower in an intermittent stream that is just a damp spot at this time of year.

cardinal flower

Did we have a good time? You betcha. But Sophie was trying to hold me down and lobbying for a little longer rest stop when we left 5 Mile Road!

dog rolling eyes

North Country Trail, 3 Mile Road north to Freesoil trailhead, 9.8 miles

See last year's hike on some of the same trail
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Ann said...

That teepee is pretty impressive. Someone spent a lot of time on that

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