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Friday, August 4, 2017

Back to Ogichidaa, and Scott Falls

Last fall, traveling with Lyle, I accidentally found Ogichidaa, the Face in the Rock. But now I know where it is, and I wanted Marie to see it. We stopped there on our way home from Marquette.

Lyle and I did not walk all the way to the carving. He had a sore hip, and the stream crossing was wide. But, Marie and I went all the way there. I could reach up and touch it. Can you see the face? It's badly eroded, but for a front view with the telephoto that may show it better follow the link below.

Ogichidaa Face in the rock

Here's a bit of the Lake Superior shoreline beyond the face. Always wonderful. The only strange thing is a person in the water. Actually, there were a lot of people swimming. Including small children who were not blue.

Lake Superior shoreline

In fact, we went wading. You know it wasn't really cold if Marie went in.

wading in Lake Superior

While we were in the parking lot a lady asked us the way to the waterfall. I didn't know anything about that, and she didn't know about the face. We traded info! A short walk across the road took us to Scott Falls, a lovely little bit of sparkle that creates the creek between the rest area and the face.

Scott Falls

I liked that you could go behind it and look out.

Scott Falls

And now, I have to get ready and head back to work for the night. Can't say I'm ecstatic, but at least we got all the machinery working before the end of the day this afternoon. That should make things go more smoothly than the earlier shift.

See Ogichidaa- the Face in the Rock
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Ann said...

I imagine it would be easy to miss the face in the wall unless they have it marked well. I don't think I would notice it if you weren't pointing it out.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- it's not really marked at all. Lyle and I really hunted to find it with the help of the interpretive signs. But I thought that was part of the fun. Kind of a secret adventure.

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