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Monday, August 7, 2017

Got My Sea Wing

I had set a different goal for myself today, but I did not attain it. Gave it a good try. Maybe tomorrow. Stay tuned.

However, I did buy a Sea Wing.

Just looked back and discovered that I haven't gone paddling for one year and eleven months. That's going to change next week, however. Stay tuned for that, too! It's always been in the plan to get a car rack for the kayak, but it didn't seem much of a priority if I didn't need to take the kayak anywhere.

sea wing kayak carrier

Un-boxed it.

sea wing kayak carrier

It attached to my cross bars really easily. I had purchased those in 2013 because the car didn't have any. I'd just been tying the kayak(s) on top of them. Very annoying and time consuming. I'm hoping (planning) this will be better.

sea wing kayak carrier

It came with webbing straps and tie-down cords for front and back. You can see them rolled up in the box. I won't put those on unless I'm actually carrying the kayak.

I also looked at nicer kayaks while I was at the store. Not buying this year. Maybe not ever, but I did see one I liked pretty well.

elie shoal100xe kayak

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The Furry Gnome said...

Sounds like the promise of new adventures to come!

Loretta said...

wow! awesome! so much easier and faster to load and unload, I'll bet

Lin said...

I've learned the hard way, it is best to get the carrier for your car for whatever you are hauling. Saves a lot of time and headache...and worry.

Ann Thompson said...

You sure are busy. All kinds of things planned

Sharkbytes said...

stew- i hope so

Loretta- certainly easier to fasten down, and it loads right side up which is easier.

Lin- agreed

Ann- I try:D

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