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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Back to the Pit

  I managed to get one of the two remaining well pit jobs done today, and the other one started.

I have been doing one small tub of cement any day that it hit the mid-forties. Well, it would have been better if it were warmer, because one of the anchors didn't hold. The cement I've done the past two days just wasn't set up hard enough, but 3 out of 4 should be OK over the winter.

This is just to show you what's underneath the next layer. Hardware cloth. More durable against critter teeth. hardware cloth over an opening in a well pit

Then I put a layer of wood over that and bolted it into the anchors. Of course, none of this happened without things going wrong and slight changes needing to be made. It seemed like a simple project, so I didn't load all the tools in the car, but walked to the house and back every time I needed something. Ha! I think that got me about a mile of walking. Seriously.

In an ideal world, I'll screw a little piece of wood over the chunk I had to cut out to fit around the tubing. It might happen. wood partition over an opening in a well pit

Bought a new heater, and the hardware to make it a little shelf. By the time I got home from all of that and getting gas, it was nearly dark. So... the shelf will have to happen another day. But I'm getting really, really close to done for this fall. Oh yeah, and I ripped an old broken bracket off the wall that keeps threatening to put my eye out, or slash my carotid artery. That felt good- to just crowbar something out of the way!

In other news: I worked on my other project, and this. That's all.

See Done, Done, Done, and Done


Ann said...

A few glitches along the way seems to be standard operating procedure for me. You got a lot done on this over the past few months

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks, Ann- I really did.

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