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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Compton Tortoiseshell

  No pictures today, so I'll share one from earlier in the week. I was visited by a Compton Tortoiseshell butterfly, Nymphalis vaualbum. If I've seen one before, I didn't realize it. Compton Tortoiseshell

It's not out of its range or anything... I just don't know butterflies as well as plants. However, this one flew right past the window and landed on the deck. Hard to miss that!

A pair of wrens were also visiting. I hoped they might nest, but I guess they moved on.

In other news: Today was a great accomplishment! I finished Dead Mule Swamp Singer. I also edited, made yet another frustrating shopping trip, had one meeting, and did a tiny bit on the trailer. We are supposed to get a bad storm tonight, but then several days of good weather in a row. I hope to accomplish a LOT on Sunny.

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Ann said...

That's a pretty butterfly.
Congrats on finishing the book

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- thank YOU!

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