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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frustrating Computer Options

I am in NY, we start hiking tomorrow morning, which I can hardly believe. I have only been able to get on line through friends' dial-up, so can't get pics from my computer to the web. So, I'm not sure how many posts you will see from me for a few days. But we may have to get a motel at Watkins Glen because the park may not be open for camping yet. So MAYBE I'll see you from there. I have a post scheduled for tomorrow though, so don't give up on me!


Auntie E said...

Oh Sharkbytes, let me tell you. If you have a phone and can take photos and send text msg you can send photo and text to your blog page and it will post for you. Go to your dashboard.. then to Blogger buzz at bottom. Click on Learn how to Start mobile Blogging(bottom left)You can set it up. I really like this feature.Hope that helps.
If you would like to see how it works, go to My On the Go blog
have a great hike.

Auntie E said...

sorry about the link I will put it in me name.

Ann said...

wouldn't dream of giving up on you. enjoy the hike. watkins glenn is a beautiful spot

RNSANE said...

Enjoy your hiking, Shark...we will not give up on you. We know you'll be back. I'll be a bit remiss from now till after my son's wedding on Friday and till Sunday, probably, when my brother and his wife return to GA.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Watkins Glen -- you are getting close to my old stomping grounds now!

Glynis said...

Have fun! Happy Trekking.

Jen said...

Don't worry just have a great hike!

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