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Friday, May 28, 2010

Hogback and Little Presque Isle

rocky trailToday was sure to be one of the most memorable from this trip. The Lake Superior shore is amazing, and the area around Marquette has a lot of very interesting rock formations. For most of the morning we were alternating between trail that went over and around rocks like this, and soft trail cushioned with hemlock and balsam needles.

See the blue blaze painted on the rock right at the bottom of the picture?

Hogback Mountain, Marquette

When we got on top of another set of rocks we could look back and see Hogback Mountain. The trail had not gone directly over the top, but had run along its shoulder.

Lake Superior Shore

When we dropped back down to the shoreline of Lake Superior... well, this is just my favorite kind of beach. Look at all the rocks! The sun was warm and the air cool- my favorite kind of weather. Blue water, blue sky, red and black rocks, nice trail... even a few thousand mosquitoes and a pet deerfly or two couldn't dampen the joy of the day.

Lake Superior Shore

The longest point in the last picture is actually the end of Little Presque Isle island. We ate lunch with a view of the whole island. About 23 miles for this hike so far.


Duxbury Ramblers said...

Wonderful scenery, I can see why you love walking. Love the pet deerfly :)

Ann said...

Gorgeous. How could one not have a great day with all that lovely scenery.

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