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Monday, May 3, 2010

Winner! - Edited and Changed!

We have a winner! It's NOT Ratty of The Everyday Adventurer. Julia of Our Simple Life also entered, but the email got lost in cyberspace and just arrived, but is dated correctly before the deadline. The final score, Ratty 4, Julia 6! Rainfield, of My Journey, gets an honorable mention for guessing one of them in a comment.

Shucks, I thought this contest would be fun with just some guessing on the closeup pictures. How can I make the contests more interesting for you, my friends?

Here are the answers:

This one was the fantail of water from the high speed ferry between St. Ignace and Mackinac Island. Ratty guessed fog over a body of water. Pretty close! Julia said the sky.

This is the down on the back of a baby swan. See Fluffy Treats on an Urban Trail". Ratty guessed the fur on one of my dogs. Julia said fox fur. I would have guessed fur too. Amazing how much feathers can look that way, isn't it?

This is the top of a mushroom/ fungus. I don't know what kind. Ratty and Julia both got it right!

Ratty guessed ice on a creek; Julia- ice with water beneath. Exactly!

Ratty said a ground squirrel, and it is. Julia got it exactly: a thirteen-lined ground squirrel! See New Digs for Peabody's Great, Great, Great...

Ratty and Julia both guessed a red-wing blackbird. Right on! See Gale's Pond- A Wonderful Day

Ratty and Julia both guessed a turkey vulture. This bird is easily spotted here by the wings in a V, and the naked head. See Turkey Vulture

Ratty said "no clue". Julia said water. Rainfield actually got this one right! He said in a comment that he saw a reflection in the water. It was branches in a stream, and they turned out to be more interesting than the water strider, the little insect, that I was trying to picture.

Ratty guessed weeds on a pond, and he's right. Julia is closer, saying rushes emerging from water with reflection. Thought this one might be hard. I love how these soft-stem bulrush all dried curly.

Neither Ratty nor Julia had a guess. This is the flicker. See See Two Birds and a Plan

OK! I'm posting this from a dial-up connection at Ester's house, and I have to get on the road again really NOW. Gotta go... I have things to show and tell, but they will have to wait.


John | Daily Photo said...

Congratulations Ratty. Somehow I managed to miss the deadline, but I would've only got three if I'd entered.

Julia said...

Hi J,
I did send you my entry last night so maybe your spam ate it??

I was wondering if you were getting my emails since I've sent some before and you had not replied.


Ann said...

Congrats to Ratty. He did pretty good. I had no clue on any of them.

wenn said...

amazing photos!

Ratty said...

This was a much easier contest than I originally thought. Two of them that I missed were ones that I should have gotten. The flicker at the end was the hard one. I knew it was on your blog somewhere, but I tried to identify it the hard way.

I wonder if maybe other people were like me and thought the game would be harder than it actually was. The only way to find out is to go ahead and play. This was the most fun contest yet.

RNSANE said...

I am totally hopeless, I guess, Shark. I just never will get these nature quizzes. But I do enjoy being exposed to all this, anyway.

wiseacre said...

The mushroom looks like a Dryad Saddle - Polyporus squamosus. I posted a pic of some yesterday :)

It's time to start hunting for Morels when you see them.

Ratty said...

Congratulations to Julia! It's every bit as fun for me to come in second, or maybe even better to come in 50th. I hope more readers begin to realize how fun your games are.

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