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Monday, May 24, 2010

Report on the Baby White Pines


young white pine

Just a quick report on the baby white pines. All the conifers are showing their lovely new growth right now, but this is the year that I think the white pines are really going to shoot up. See how long those "candles" of new needles are? Those will extend and grow into bundles of the regular dark green needles.

See The Trees are Growing


RNSANE said...

You'll have Christmas trees in a few years, Shark!

Secondary Roads said...

Grow babies, grow! Sink your roots deep. Drink water. Reach to heaven and enjoy the sun.

Joanne Olivieri said...

Ah, I love these, they remind me of the holidays.

Ann said...

I love white pines. We even chose them several times for Christmas trees. Typically we would get a scotch pine but the white pine is so much softer and looks so nice.

Sharkbytes said...

Ah Chuck- what a lovely thought!

to everyone- I will keep my Christmas trees growing right where they are. The are decorated this time of year with the candles, with birds in the summer, cones in the fall, and snowflakes in winter!

Ratty said...

They look like they're off to a very good start.

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