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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Who is Sylvia?

No, I'm not going to quote a poem by Shakespeare. I'm not referring to a play by Edward Albee. I'm not even going to talk about our friend Chuck's wife.

Do you remember the fox I saw a few weeks ago that trotted across the field? Well, before I left on the last hike, it wandered right across the back yard! I pulled the SD card out of the computer, ran for the camera and the door. Of course that got Maggie barking, and the fox was long gone before I got there.

Two days later... there it was again! Same MO as above, I quick tried to snap a shot through the deck door. You can see how that turned out.

fox tail as it runs away

So I figured that was the end of that. But I went out the front door quietly and eased around the corner of the house. Here's what I saw.

red fox

Pretty awesome, eh? Of course she immediately realized that I was watching her.

fox tail as it runs away

We stood there looking at each other for several minutes. She seemed more cautious than afraid. Finally, almost casually, she turned and left the yard, using one of my trails.

fox tail as it runs away

She had to have a name! So I chose Sylvia, "of the woods." And I even know what lured her into the yard. She was nosing around one of the holes to the burrow of those little 13-lined ground squirrels. I think she probably has kits somewhere and was hunting hard to bring home a meal. She didn't catch one right then, but as cute as the little squirrels are, they are making swiss cheese of my lawn, and a few less would not be a problem!

I actually feel honored to have a fox right in my yard, and to have looked her in the face. Hope you enjoy her, too!

See Dandelion Syrup and a Great Surprise for my first encounter with this fox.
See Winner for a picture of the 13-lined Ground Squirrel
See Peabody's Great, Great, Great for more about the ground squirrel


rainfield61 said...

I wonder whether it is dangerous to have foxes around in your neighborhood.

Julia said...

Sylvia is just wonderful! And to see her hunting and acting "normally" is great. Some foxes around here have learned to scavenge a little. Better to be eating ground squirrel!!

Congrats on your new additions. :)

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Sylvia is beautiful, a good set of photos, she will be back and your lawn might have a few less holes in it :)

(keep that camera handy)

RNSANE said...

She was really cooperative with the photography. Now, it would be really nice to see the babies! I'm sure it's hard scrounging around to feed all those little ones!

Donna said...

Love your photos of Sylvia! Wonderful...Sorry you missed out on The Brenda Photo Challenge this time, but I'll be post the Next one by this evening...They usually run every 2 weeks...
Happy day to you!

Ann said...

If at first you don't succeed try try again. Your persistence paid off good here. Great shots and how cool to have her visiting your back yard.

Lin said...

Oh, she is LOVELY! I can't believe you got such great shots of her. WOW!! Very cool, Sharky. And as jealous as I am of you, I guess I'm glad she's not here to get my kitties. ;)

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- I live in the country, so it's not exactly a neighborhood. They are not very dangerous at all, unless you keep very small pets that run loose. Foxes are rarely over 40 pounds, so they don't take on large animals, and they don't tend to run in packs. They mind their own business, and keep the rodent population down.

Julia- It was so amazing to watch her up close like this.

Carol- Hubby said he didn't see her while I was gone, but he wouldn't have been watching as much as I do.

Carmen- I would be SO happy to see the kits! I got some pics of teenage foxes learning to hunt in NY a few years ago. They were really cute.

Donna- thanks for stopping by. I'll check it out.

Ann- I really am tickled at her presence and my success.

Lin- well, yes, she and Hobbes or Grace might have different goals. Since we are kitti-less, I'm cool with her nearby.

Jo Brielyn said...

Ooh, she's beautiful! We see them fairly often around here - usually in the woods, but once in a while they visit our yard. They're such gorgeous animals.

I'd love to see the kits.

Secondary Roads said...

I saw one here last fall. Judging by the size, it had to be a male--big and beautiful and red. The camera was in the other end of the house.

Viva Sylvia!

Ratty said...

That is very cool! And such great pictures of Silvia. I've been told that there are foxes around here, but I have yet to see one. I'm very envious of you.

Sharkbytes said...

Jo- I wish I could see the kits too, but with being gone so much I bet I'll miss them.

Chuck- Glad you have one too. They seem to be doing ok in Mich. Not too many, but most everyone seems to have them.

Ratty- heck, I'm envious of me! I can't believe that I took these!

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