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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring-y Break

At work, one of the office people brought in these nest cakes for our break, and she remembered us filthy folk in the mailroom!

bird nest cakes

It was a wonderful day, made it into the 60s. I was out doing cases. Had to walk some more. So sad. Not. Here's a little lake I did not even know existed. Casin Lake.

Casin Lake

And there is some spring-y activity going on there too. The fishies are swimming. Can you find them?


And the geese seem to be looking for a nest site.

geese nesting

Warm sun with cool air, a nice walk. What more could I need?

See Hiking and Watching the Fishermen
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Ratty said...

It's great to see the warmer weather pictures. I want to get out and do all kinds of nature things now. Your first picture makes me think back to all the fun Easters when I was a kid.

Secondary Roads said...

Shadows betray the swimmers' presence. I agree spring is here and better to follow.

vanilla said...

Good signs all. The fish may be looking for a nesting spot, too. For a bit later, probably.

Ann Thompson said...

sounds like you had it all. Those little cakes look good

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