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Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Almost Always about the Little Things

Today started a bit gray, but progressed to warm and clear. I got some minor work done on my car, and thought I was going to take a 3-mile walk while that was being done. But the work stretched to two hours, and the walk stretched to 4.5 miles. So... I just barely made it on time to the place where I could get my little trailer weighed, so I can get it a Michigan license. Talk about a fast refresher course in hooking it up! But I got 'er dun!

But that's not what this blog post is about. I'll show you trailer pictures, probably tomorrow. I'm working on curtains.

What seemed important today is that it's not "sometimes the little things," but rather the little things are simply huge. They can make or break whole time periods, projects, whatever.

My little goodies that made the day for me:

First violets of the year.


First picture of a 13-lined ground squirrel. I'd love to show you a picture of one doing something besides standing upright in the grass. But if they know you are watching, it's about all they do except move like greased lightning if they think you are approaching.

13-lined ground squirrel

And... the first glass of iced tea. It was hot enough that I wanted it. Of course, I could drink this all winter. But I don't. It just doesn't work for me until the weather gets hot. Then I like it strong with lots of ice.

iced tea

Cut my hair, ready for warm weather. Off to work in about an hour. Hopefully tomorrow won't be a total zombie Saturday, because I have lots to do.

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John Sealander said...

I agree! It is the little things. I'm not even sure what the big things are anymore...

Ann said...

Those little things can make a huge impact. The first flowers of spring are always the best.
I wish I could cut my own hair without it looking like some little kid did it.

vanilla said...

Indeed being in a zombie mode is not efficient or effective for accomplishment of tasks. Good luck.

rainfield61 said...

They are little mighty things.

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