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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spirit of the Woods Hike April 2015

I'll save the interesting pix from yesterday for another day. (It will be worth waiting) Today was the Spirit of the Woods hike at Pine Valley Pathway. There were five of us, and we hiked 7.3 miles. Everyone had about the same pace, and agreed on the length, so that worked out really well. We took the loop that led around Lost Lake, and then one additional loop that introduced a few hills.

Pine Valley Pathway

The snow was mostly gone from the trail. Just a few icy patches to negotiate carefully, but it wasn't bad. Lost Lake is down in a little hollow at the middle of the State Forest. You can camp anywhere, but a couple of cleared areas exist that people use often enough to show a fire ring and flat area that works for a tent.

Pine Valley Pathway

Pine Valley Pathway

The sun was occasionally warm on our shoulders. It was a great day.

Pine Valley Pathway

Now I need to go to bed.

Pine Valley Pathway

See Fire and Ice for my most recent visit there
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Ann Thompson said...

it does look like a nice day for a hike.

RNSANE said...

You always inspire me with your energy and determination. I wish I had not become such a couch potato.

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