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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Somebody's Idea of a Joke

This was somebody's idea of an April joke. 34 degrees and white stuff. But even Riley didn't think it was funny.

red squirrel

You don't believe me? Look at her face.

red squirrel

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Loritenor said...

poor baby.....45 here this morning, but sunny

Secondary Roads said...

I understand

Ann Thompson said...

I wasn't amused by the stuff that was falling here either. Riley does look a bit shocked and I can't blame him

vanilla said...

I believe you are both annoyed.

Lin said...

She has an adorable face. She is really a cute squirrel...and I don't always think they are cute.

There were some flakes falling here, but I didn't see too many and they certainly didn't congregate. Thank goodness. April snows are always a blow to one's spirit.

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