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Friday, April 10, 2015

National Sibling Day

Facebook tells me it's National Sibling Day, and since I had to scan some photos anyway, I decided to go with the flow.

My brother and I are both only children. That was one of my best one-liners as a child who always went for the shock value in conversations.

We are half brothers, sharing the same father. He's 22 years my senior, and we never lived together. In fact, I have a nephew who is older than I am.

Here we are, in 1951. Dad is on the left, John on the right, and me... I'm the other one.

family photo

OK, so I have an ego. This is a better photo of the cute kid, but it cuts off the top of John's head. This is one of the very few pictures in existence of me holding a doll. They weren't high on my list.

family photo

I don't know if John is still alive. He moved out west, and I haven't heard from him in three years. He'd be 88, so... I just don't know. I can't find any of his five children on Facebook, so it shall remain a mystery until his name comes up in the Social Security death registry. We all get there.

Here's the interesting pale pink sunset going on right now outside my window.


Off to work in a couple of hours, but at least I can go to bed when I get home.

See Back to Jack for John as a baby
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rainfield61 said...

Pale, but not sick. It is beautiful.

vanilla said...

Interesting. I liked your "line." But even better, I liked the line "We are half brothers. . ."

Familial relationships are of interest to me. Actually, how people relate to one another is an interesting study.

Ann Thompson said...

Love your one liner. It's not everyone that can say that.
I have one brother who passed away last year and a half sister that is 13 years younger than me. I have no idea where she is. We were never close

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