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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

12.5 for a Total of 57 Miles

Today went quickly. It was warmer, but not uncomfortably so. There wasn't as much of interest to look at, so I just have a few pictures.

We did have one interesting people interaction. More on that tomorrow. But the people we met took a picture of us.

Ester Joan Jade

The best wildlife picture was a pack of turkey vultures. Not terribly scenic. They were guarding something run over by a soybean harvester.

turkey vulture

The house of the day is a barn. Nicely kept up, but you can tell it's old. Look at the slate roof.

barn with slate roof

Finally... just for a chuckle. These arrows were painted on the roads quite frequently. Something to do with underground lines. But it could just as easily be the hiker's dream for the end of the day- turn it 90 degrees... a wine bottle and a roof.

painted arrow

We are now back at Ester's. It started pouring about an hour ago, so we snuck this hike into a perfect weather slot.

All of Northern Ohio on the Buckeye Trail is complete. All I have left to do are 60 miles in the southeast. Those will be hiked in the spring. Tomorrow it's back to work.

See 14.9 Miles
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Unknown said...

Congratulations with celebrations in order.

Secondary Roads said...

Well done, Sharkey! Love the pix and the interpretation of the symbols.

Ann said...

Good job. Got a good chuckle over the arrow.

vanilla said...

Vultures? I describe them as big, ugly, and useful. Adjectives which could apply to many things, most of them man-made.

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