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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Salvage and Recycle or Just Plain Cheap?

I will easily confess to all of the above. Other than being lazy today, I mended a cotton thermal blanket.

thermal blanket

While it's true that I could order a brand new one for under $20, I had this one. It was my mom's, part of her home medical equipment from her last years. I wanted a blanket that doesn't itch. I've become very sensitive to almost all synthetics.

This blanket had a major problem along one edge. The other damage made me think mice got in it, but this looks more like it got caught on something that also stained it. So I simply cut 14" off the side that had that big hole. Still leaves it plenty large enough for where I want to use it.

thermal blanket

It required four patches made from the salvaged good parts of the edge I cut off. Those holes were 2-3" on a side.

thermal blanket

Also machine darned seven other holes of about 1" diameter.

thermal blanket

Is it like new? Heck no. Is it serviceable for 10-20 years for me? Absolutely. And there's $20 I saved!

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Ann said...

I'm all for salvaging something old instead of buying something new. Not to mention it's a bit rewarding knowing that you fixed it yourself

Secondary Roads said...

Very good salvage job. Extra points for creativity.

vanilla said...

Cheap? No, practical; and admiration from one whose motto is "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

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