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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Remember the Mystery Shrub?

Do you recall that I was trying to picture a spring shrub every few days until we could identify it? The last time I showed you pictures was April 2! See link at the end.

I managed to get back there a couple more times in spring, one of them right before I left for my Ohio hike. At that point, I knew for certain what it was, but there were much more interesting things to blog about. Today, I went there again.

Here are the two buds I'd been watching, on April 9.

Sambucus canadensis

Sambucus canadensis

On April 16, I knew for sure what I had.

Sambucus canadensis

Sambucus canadensis

These three buds hadn't yet opened into flowers, but I did find one that was just barely in bloom.

Sambucus canadensis

Still have no clue? The Furry Gnome guessed it right on the first go-round. Yeah, Stew!

Here's what it looked like today (where it wasn't covered with wild clematis or poison ivy). I'll bet a whole lot of country folks will recognize it now.

Sambucus canadensis

Elderberry, Sambucus canadensis. I'll be back with a bucket in a few weeks when those berries turn dark purple.

Meanwhile, tips to recognize it early next time. Opposite leaves (it's related to honeysuckle), and corky bumps on the bark. Those are good winter ID tips too.

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vanilla said...

The catbirds and their ilk have pretty much had their way with the elderberries down this way. Maybe next year?

Ann said...

Is there a pie in the near future?

Secondary Roads said...

Elderberries make great pies. I won't say the greatest, 'cause that spot, for me, is taken by Sylvia's rhubarb pie.

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