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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pere Marquette River Flats

I was out and about doing errands this afternoon, and I stopped to take some pictures at the Pere Marquette River flats. This is the local name of the area where the river empties into Pere Marquette Lake. It's really, duh..., flat.

Pere Marquette River Flats

The river splits into two segments slightly upstream from here and meanders through this monoculture cattail marsh. This picture is on the south side of the south fork at the boat launch site. It was a nice day and the water sure looked blue. I just liked the broken reflection in the ripples.

Pere Marquette River Flats

Looking up, more blue, but split by a fast-moving plane.


Then I drove to the north side of the north fork. There's an observation platform where you can see the extent of the marsh. From there you can hardly see any open water. You can see something else, though. Here's the horizon line. Does it look a little fuzzy or maybe twinkly?

Pere Marquette River Flats

That is because you can see at least 34 of the 54 wind turbines in the county from that location. I managed to count 34, and it was hazy.

wind turbines

In other news:
I worked till 1:30, then did errands including spending a pile of money. More on that another day. Came home and did a whole list of odds and ends. Revised a short story yet again and sent it off to a contest. I would do more of that, but it costs money to enter most of them. Only 1st place gets a cash prize. I wouldn't mind being that person, but I suspect it's unlikely. Not that I think my writing isn't good enough; my philosophies just don't seem to align with what judges are looking for. No writing except on the short story. And I can't write now, because I have cookies to bake before going to bed. Better get busy!

See another picture of the flats
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Ann said...

Love all the blue in your pictures. You sure do fit a lot of things in to your day. I wish I could accomplish that much once I get home from work

Ann said...

I'm back to answer your question from my blog. I use an elastic cord to string the beads and tie a knot that I found online (not sure what it's called) After I tie it I secore it a bit more with some clear nail polish. Then I try to move the knot so that it sits inside one of the beads

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