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Saturday, November 18, 2017

What's Your Angle?

It seemed to me that there haven't been many posts recently about things outdoors, so today I went for a little walk (in the rain), and gave myself a simple photo assignment. I decided to look for angles. The results you see are presented in the order I took the pictures. If you can find meaning in that, more power to you!

Of course, the first thing that pops to mind in the outdoors when one says "angle," is tree limbs. I forced myself to be limited to one such picture. Here's my choice... lichen covered dead sumac branches.

sumac branches

Next, I found three autumn olive leaves plastered together by the wind and rain. The fact that one was back-side showing gave the composition some color interest, and I liked the angles between the points. That rotten plant might as well be good for something, even if it's only an interesting picture.

autumn olive leaves

Beetle bark galleries oddly echo the same pattern as the tree branches!

beetle bark galleries

And there I was at the railroad tracks, with their parallel straight (180 degree) angles.

railroad tracks

Angles galore at the space station (AKA grain elevator).

grain elevator

The best two finds were last. I'd never noticed these before. There are some old slabs of concrete that were dumped at the back of a neighboring property. On what was previously the underside, you can see the impression of large equipment tracks left in the dirt before the concrete was poured. Although it softens the impression of the angles, I especially like the encroaching moss on the right. One can almost see those tracks as huge dike or elevated highways with whole neighborhoods of green trees and rooftops in the valleys.

tire tracks

On the next hunk of man-made stone were more tracks with a different tire pattern. These certainly have angles!

tire tracks

So I got a little wet, but I got a little exercise, and although none of these is high-quality art, it was fun setting an assignment and doing it.

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Ann said...

What a fun assignment you gave yourself. No matter what angle you look at these from, it spells fun

Lin said...

You always find good things on your walks. This was a good assignment and I like that you found your subjects in nature.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada sez that my angle is yoozhually horizontal!!! ummm i think he may be beeing meen to me!!! ok bye

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