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Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Flurry of Production

It would be really great if this level of snowfall had persisted beyond the few minutes it lasted. I think I jinxed the snow by buying skis. The next day it turned to slush, then ice, then melted. There's not enough on the ground to ski yet. Bummer.


My flurry of production lasted longer. All day really. I know this isn't my writing blog, but it's pretty much all I did, so I guess you get to hear about it.

I formatted The Secret Cellar, and it's nearly whipped into shape to print sample copies for the test readers. I have to do one more iteration of the map, and another interior drawing that I can do.

I'm also working with the likely cover artist to get closer to the final cover. Here's my most recent concept cover.

concept cover for The Secret Cellar

Still no water. Didn't even expect to hear from the pump guy today.

See The East South River Road Neighborhood
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Ann said...

bummer on not enough snow to ski. The book sure is coming along good though.

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