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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sun Doggies and Other Canines

Was getting ready to take a quick walk this afternoon, and... talk about timing! Look what was waiting for me.

Sun dog to the left of the sun. Way over there... 22 degrees away, to be exact.

sun dog left of sun

Sun dog to the right of the sun.

sun dog right of sun

Here's the left one closer. This is what I saw first.

sun dog left of sun

The right one was more of a smudge of color through that hole in the cloud.

sun dog right of sun

On the way around my loop I found another doggie track. The fox? Not sure. The tracks are not outlandishly large for fox, but perhaps a tiny bit. The were very straight, and foxes tend to be a bit more slanted. But I haven't seen any stray dogs around, and the fox could be very sure of himself back there.

canine track in snow

Remember the winter I showed you tracks all the time? Must have been a great year with the snow just right for tracks... there hasn't been one like it since then.

In other news: I picked up a free lance job that is very worth the money (which I sure need right now), but they want a nearly impossible turnaround time. At least that means it will be over with soon! I picked up the final cover art for The Secret Cellar, and got it scanned. I met with the guy who is handing off being in charge of the Writers' Rendezvous to me for this year. I delivered books to the bookstore. Then I worked on the Rendezvous, and started working on the final cover for SC. We'll see if any actual writing happens yet today.

See My First Sun Dog
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Ann said...

What a nice surprise on your way out to walk. Sounds like you had a busy day

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow sun dogs??? i wood like to be a sun dog i bet it is nice and warm!!! hay that trak wuz not me i hav not ben in yore nek of the woods laytly!!! ok bye

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