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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I Have Books!

I took possession of the case of Dead Mule Swamp Druggist today.

carton of Dead Mule Swamp Druggist books

Actually, that's not nearly as simple as it sounds. Here's the blow-by-blow.

After I cleared the driveway so nicely on Sunday, the temperature rose and things began to melt. The driveway turned to slush.

I thought these books had been shipped via USPS so I went to the post office yesterday. They didn't have them, and asked me for the tracking number. Red face! When I checked it, they had been shipped via UPS.

Moving along. The UPS trucks are willing to do our driveway under some conditions, but it's especially bad right now. So I checked the tracking last night, and sure enough, they'd tried to deliver both Monday and yesterday. The driveway is a total slush pit. I barely made it up. Yikes! I didn't want the books to be returned.

So I filled out all the stuff to create a UPS package management account so I could ask it to be delivered to an alternate address... like work. That took FORever. And after I got it all filled out, verified the email and logged back in it said I was missing one of the following pieces of information... list followed. So I went back in, and nothing is missing. I thought maybe I needed to wait a bit for their system to process my application. No dice.

So, today after work, even though I knew the office didn't open till later (now I know that's 3-6 pm), I went to the UPS office. I was hoping I might find someone I could whine at... that I had tried to do the online thing... that I REALLY needed them to not send the package back.

There was one truck and one driver on the lot. I pled my case and he asked what the delivery address was. I told him. He said, "That's on my truck. I have it." Hallelujah!

He also said they don't return packages for weather-related delivery issues. So that's good to know.

The books look great inside and out. If you have ordered one, I'll be trying to get those packaged tomorrow.

The chapter that is a letter from a lady named Francine looks very cool!

inside page of Dead Mule Swamp Druggist books

In other news: Worked till 1:30. Did this errand and others. Shoveled around the mailbox by hand and unclogged the storm sewer drain (a never-ending winter task). Almost done with The Secret Cellar. Just a tiny bit of tweaking. Negotiating cover art.

See Dead Mule Swamp books
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Ann said...

UPS and USPS are too close with letters and can easily be mistaken. I did that the other day but not to the extent that you did. I was only looking at the tracking for things I ordered and thought it was UPS but not.
Exciting getting the books though.

Secondary Roads said...

Great news. What a hassle to go through, however.

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