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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Best Recipe Finds of 2017

In January, I sort of randomly share some of the best things of the previous year.

Got a couple of new keeper recipes in 2017.

Remember the cauliflower salad? I like it so much, I've made it four times.

cauliflower salad

Another really good one was the Concord grape crumb coffee cake.

grape coffee cake

And, perhaps best of all because there is a good ratio of ease to yummy-ness, the zucchini pickles.

grape coffee cake

It's not every year I find three really good new recipes!

In other news: Wrote chapter 18- THE SECRET CELLAR in The Secret Cellar (just two more to go). Thought up most of the plot of the next Dubois Files book and wrote part of chapter 1 (woke up with it in my head, and didn't want to lose it. Ran the snowblower at 7 am- Ugh. Worked 7 hours.

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Ann said...

All three look good. Anything with a good ease to yummy-ness reatio is definitely a keeper

Secondary Roads said...

That cauliflower salad looks particularly good. Okay so does the crumb cake.

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