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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Way Overdue for a Puppy Fix

This is Loki. He belongs to one of the newspaper drivers but came to visit today. I'm still smiling.

Australian Shepherd puppy

After work, I went down the well hole and put moth balls around to deter Mr. Woodchuck. I set the heater so it should turn on thermostatically instead of just blasting heat all the time. It was as warm as the house down there if I needed an alternative place to bunk.

Here's the new expensive toy.

jet well pump

Then I closed it up and added all the old broken foam on top of the new green foam.

well pit cover

Next the layer of hay.

well pit cover

And finally the tarp and blocks/rocks, etc. to hold it down. And that's IT till nicer weather. It's supposed to get really cold again this weekend, so the timing is good.

well pit cover

After I've worked all day it is hard to come home and ram right into another physical job. I wasn't sure I'd get my second wind. but I did and have been writing in The Hitchhiker. This chapter has gotten much too long, so I'm contemplating cutting a whole thing out, or breaking it into two. At any rate, I did get in some writing time.

See Puppy Fix
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The Furry Gnome said...

Hope the new pump and heater work well for many years!

Ann said...

Aw, Loki is so cute. And look at those paws. He's going to be a big one.

Lin said...

Looks like you are ready for the cold and snow. I'm glad it is fixed and working again.

Secondary Roads said...

That Loki sure is a beauty!

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