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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Grousing and a View from Natahki

Today was a work day, and the sun was shining! It was cold, but who could possibly care when the sun is so lovely?

I bring you a ruffed grouse in the red phase. At some times of the year they look more gray. What you can mainly see is how well camouflaged they are. If I hadn't seen the motion of it walking I'd never have spotted it. It happens to be a female, but I only can tell because I blew up a shot of her tail and studied it. She sure knew where I was!

ruffed grouse

This photo is interesting (I think). It shows her back, but she has that ruff of feathers around her neck lifted so that it fans out and shows the black and white edges.

ruffed grouse

Finally, this shot is for a new blog friend named Dave Norris. He's a fan of all things Big Bass Lake. I was there today, on a road called Natahki, and got this shot of Four Winds and Turtle Islands in the lake. Dave Norris supplied me with the name. They sure were pretty.

Big Bass Lake Islands

Here's Google Satellite view with my vantage point shown by the yellow lines.

Big Bass Lake Islands

More assignments tomorrow, so who knows what I will find!

See Grousing Allowed?
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rainfield61 said...

Who knows what I will see today, tomorrow, and days after tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The two islands shown are Four Winds (once owned by Camp Martin Johnson) and Turtle Island. The two biggest islands are south of there and one has a bridge leading to it and that is The Big Island. To its west is Haunted Island. To its east is the smallest Island, Grandma's Hat.

eileeninmd said...

Cool sighting of the Ruffed Grouse! The are neat looking birds.

Ann said...

Lucky that grouse moved so you could spot it. It really is camouflaged well. Nice view of the lake

Lin said...

Did you find her or did she find you?? I love her little face looking at you....wondering.....


betchai said...

beautiful, kind of similar in looks to our road runner here, and the vast lake all white is pretty.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- and that is why we all keep visiting each other!

Dave- Thanks for the ID's! I'll correct the post

Eileen- really common here, but I like them. They seem comical.

Ann- In the brown woods they really disappear!

Lin- good question! I was on a very narrow road and she was running into the woods

betchai- I think the RR is bigger!

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