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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Back in the Groove on the NCT

  Cathy and I walked 8.5 miles this morning. Need to build up my endurance again! I was in pretty good condition this spring, and need to be up there again by Dec 1.

We walked north on the NCT from Timber Creek at US 10- just the closest section to me. Not the most scenic, but not ugly. It just doesn't have any water features or really interesting spots. And it's SO familiar to me. But today was about the miles, not about the scenery. North Country Trail

Found a lot of little Stalked Puffball. Some were still fresh, but most had opened the little hole on the top to release the spores.
stalked puffball

It was delightful for hiking. The air was crisp- low 50s, and the sky even tried to clear. blue sky through trees

Most interesting find of the day was this mushroom being overtaken by... something. mushroom covered in slime

At first I thought it was a slime mold. I could convince myself that the white blob here was part of the plasmodium- the phase where it's like an amoeba, and it moves. It was very slimy and shiny. mushroom covered in slime

And I really thought it was when I saw these little columns on another edge. mushroom covered in slime

But I've blown the pictures up really big at home (I really need one of those video microscopes that I tried out last winter. I'll just have to wait till I can get a better quality one that will actually work.) And now I am quite sure that it's not a slime mold, but only another fungus. See the shiny "spikes". No slime mold grows that way. They are so small they only look like hairs to the naked eye. hairs of a fungus

The sunset was specatcular! red sunset

In other news: Between the beautiful morning and the beautiful sunset was a cold and drizzly afternoon. I did manage to work on the trailer. I've started reworking the kitchen end. I crossed one big item off my list. 36 BIG ITEMS and 21 small ones to go. 45 days left.

Cathy's Hike 100 is at 61 miles.

North Country Trail, Lake County, MI, US 10 north to FR 6419 and back. 8.5 miles

See Ludington SP Loop

Friday, October 15, 2021

My Trailer Redo - Days 156-162 - Upper Back Storage Bin

  The upper back storage bin is done! I'm also pretty happy with this. It did take a long time, but the result is worth it. I'm saying 7 days to get it done. Here's the final product. building an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

Now we'll discuss how I got here. Of course, this involves cutting two custom curved pieces-groan. Templates (began with my great template tool) had to be cut and revised until I was happy. This is try #1 of cardboard, but I wasn't confident enough of a good fit with this floppy thing so I made another from the old thin paneling that was in the trailer when I bought it. That was stiff enough that I was able to be sure I had a good fit before I cut the actual shelf. I made the shelf of 3/8" plywood. Plenty sturdy enough because you don't want to store really heavy stuff up high anyway. template an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

Then I cut out the shelf and dry fit it in place. You can see that happened before I did the insulation I showed you yesterday. dryfitting an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

More braces had to be fiberglassed to the trailer wall. I had to do all of these twice and two of them three times. I didn't realize the ceiling was sloped just enough to keep the shelf front from butting against them flat. So they all had to be cut at an angle. And then I didn't get two of them in quite the right place, and those had to be moved. It's really difficult to draw an orthoganal line on a multi-curved surface. Just sayin'. braces for an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

Finally, I was able to dry fit the front of the bin and have it lie flush to those braces. dry fitting an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

You've seen the next step already. I needed a groove cut in the front support board, and a friend with a table saw came to my rescue. (second one will be for the front bin) The front of the shelf fits in the groove so it is supported for the whole width. grooved boards for an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

Then everything had to have three coats of polyurethane. I was able to do that in the kitchen over the course of a couple of rain days. polyurethaning an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

Yesterday, I fastened the shelf and front unit together. Funny looking thing! It's lying on its front wall in the picture. building an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

I accomplished that with some mending plates. building an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

And then I had to decide if I wanted polyurethaned (brown mock-up) or white doors. Marie and I discussed it and decided on white beadboard to match the walls with natural wood handles, and a shape that is more like the cardboard sample. mock up doors an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

Installed the entire unit into the trailer. It screwed to those braces that were fiberglassed to the ceiling, and the edges of the front grooved shelf brace sit on horizontal studs that go along the top of the beadboard. Plenty of strong support. building an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

The doors got cut and painted, and hardware added. Because the beadboard is only 1/8" thick, I fastened hardware to it with epoxy. Seems to be solid enough. doors for an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

The catches are my version of magnetic ones. A smaller mending plate is fastened inside the front wall with a ceramic magnet glued on. There is another mending plate on the back of the door. These are good strong magnets that should hold those doors shut while traveling. latch for an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

I debated long and hard (before even starting this project) about how I wanted the bins to open. I finally decided to go with drop down. door for an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

And, once more, the picture for the final product. Of course that little gap at the top of the wall will be covered by the insulation of the next section. building an upper storage bin in a fiberglass trailer

In other news: I edited in the morning and then did some errands (of course), and then worked on the trailer. Also, last night I organized the living room with better defined spaces for things that need to go with me rather than just piles of whatever.

I did revise my list. It now has BIG ITEMS and small items (not day-to-day stuff, but one-time things that have to be done before I can leave). I have thought of some of the things that have to be added. Result: BIG ITEMS: 23 done (1 today), 37 to go. Small items: 10 done (2 today), 23 to go. I'm sure there will be more of those, and I need to step up the amount of hiking in November. That's not on the list. Well, 46 days left to accomplish it all.

See Back Insulation

Thursday, October 14, 2021

My Trailer Redo - Days 153-155 - Back Insulation

  I've been working on multiple projects, so it gets a little tricky to decide how many days to assign to this project, but I'll call it three. I'll count the day I picked up the foam later. Anyway, this turned out pretty nice, and although it was tricky, it was not as hard as I expected it to be. insulation on curved corner of fiberglass trailer

I started by gluing 3/4 inch styrofoam insulation to the upper back wall. I cut it into whatever size pieces would lay flat. Then I used the Loctite Ultimate adhesive, just a couple of strips, to hold them in place insulation on curved corner of fiberglass trailer

There were two goals for this layer. This is the primary insulation, and it's also an attempt to smooth the many, many curves of that space into something less multi-leveled. As I've noted before, the two sides of the trailer are not symmetric, so one side was easier than the other. But at last I had it all filled in. I used some 1" foam where I needed to take up more space, and in some places, shaved the pieces down. Finally, I filled the areas around the clearance light wires with batt insulation. You can also see that the cords are laid into gaps between the foam. insulation on curved corner of fiberglass trailer

After I brought the polyethylene foam home on Monday (the white sheets), I could create the top layer. I thought this was going to be REALLY hard. I expected to have to make a cut at each corner, the way you have to remove (or overlap) a triangle from a circle in order to make it into a cone. Instead, I was able to create this shape with no cuts or "seams." piece of foam insulation cut to shape

More glue, and a brace for a few hours to keep it from pulling away till it was dry. insulation on curved corner of fiberglass trailer

And with the brace removed it looks like the top picture. It will probably ultimately have some kind of finish layer over this, but I don't know what that will be. The white foam will be the "finish layer" for the upcoming year.

I'm quite happy. And I'm almost done with what goes in next, so you may see that tomorrow. And the experiment with the blue foam on the lower part of the back wall? It worked great, which is what gave me the assurance that this will work. I painted it white and mounted the electric panel on it. See link below for what's underneath this. insulation on curved cwall of fiberglass trailer

In other news: I edited in the morning and did one odd item from my list. I did an errand and went to two stores again this afternoon, and then worked on the trailer. (This illustrates one of the problems with my list. "Trailer insulation" is one item- Well! I'm not even close to finishing that one for the whole trailer.) But I did cross off two items! Big List has 73 items, 30 crossed off, 43 to go in 47 days.

See Days 150-152 - Beadboard
See Insulation Experiments

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Rest of the Pirate Loot

  Remeber the silly pirate video I made this summer (link below), and many of you voted it the best entry in a contest with Pages Promotions?

I won quite a few books in the "Reading Regatta," and I can't really remember which ones were for the pirate video and which ones were something else, like the "Spinny Wheel of Happiness." Anyway, the books in the wheelbarrow are the self-published ones I received earlier. I've read three of them so far. wheelbarrow with books

But the big prize, the one for the video, included a gift card for Barnes and Noble, and a gift card to use for anything you want. So, on Monday, as part of that trip across the state, I used those cards. The background is a piece of denim to use in finishing the trailer. I had quite a bit, but not quite enough, so I used the gift card for that. Now I do have enough!

And I was able to get four books at B&N. I got a book about moths, two true-crime books, and an aclaimed novel about Viet Nam that I have been wanting to read. books

Altogether a great pile of loot. This also completes the report of the trip on Monday.

And it was a great day for other news: I edited all morning, and worked on the trailer all afternoon. It was very productive. You may see a trailer post tomorrow. That said, believe it or not, I don't get to cross anything off my list. I need to redo the list so that some of the huge projects are in smaller chunks. Anyway... 73 items, 28 crossed off, 45 to go in 48 days.

See A Pirate's Life for Me
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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Little Humid Walk

  I finished some errands a little early for bell choir so I did a short walk in the woods by the Methodist Church. Very humid and weirdly warm for October. Lots of mushrooms! This is some polypore. Nothing special, but it was looking quite handsome. yellow-brown polypore

Best find is another of the purple mushrooms. I'm pretty sure this is Heliotrope Webcap. Blotchy with yellow and really slimy. Cortinarius heliotropicus. Definitely not one of the purple ones I've shown you before. Second guess is Purple Coincap. Of course it seems to be right for some features of each but not all. Heliotrope Webcap

Here is the underside. No sign of the "web"- the remnant of the veil, but it may have dropped off. Heliotrope Webcap

How about a cute yellow one? I have no idea what this one is. Too many choices. yellow mushroom

These mushrooms at the base of a tree are past their prime, but they almost look like flowers. brown mushroom

Got a nice picture of a black squirrel. black squirrel

And the leaves are starting to change- quite late this year- the sassafras are getting yellow. yellow sassafras leaves

Methodist Church trails, Ludington, MI. 2 miles

In other news: I edited all day. I did a few errands and went to bell choir practice. I didn't get to cross off a single item. Big List is still at 73 entries with 28 crossed off, leaving 45 to go in 49 days. Chop, chop!

See Purple Mushrooms
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