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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Eight Rottweilers Ringing

  Someone brought this picture to bell choir practice this afternoon, and it's definitely the best laugh of the day!
rottweilers ringing handbells

We are already practicing Christmas music. Actually, it feels very uplifting. Something cheerful in 2020 is welcome.

In other news: this was the final day of my online class with two sessions. I did some stuff around the house and went to bell practice and the store. I was hoping to get more done, but it didn't happen. Part of the reason is that I'm reading a really good book.

See Swingin' Low

Monday, October 19, 2020

Almost Exterior

  I sure learned some things today. The biggest one is that I wish I hadn't done this roof with rolled roofing. It was cheaper than regular shingles by far. So that is good. But I don't think it's going to last as long because I don't think I put it on quite right. And I think the wind could do a lot of damage if it gets hold of an edge.

And if I'd realized that one roll would do the whole thing, I'd have gotten gray instead of white. I got white only to match the old pieces we still had. But I ended up not using them anyway.

I ran out of sealant, so I'll need one more trip to the store. That's why the blocks are back on top. I needed to weight down the places that need sealing yet on the top strip. I also have to get a couple of 1x2s for the corner trim. I'll do this tomorrow since I have to go to town anyway.

I am kind of pleased with my ingenuity for a flap to cover the hinge and the edge of the hatch. When one of the conveyor belts at the newspaper (where I used to work) had split so badly that they actually replaced it, I asked for the old belt. Those pieces of rubberized fabric are tough, flexible and waterproof. I think they are going to do the trick just fine. The hatch works great, and it's manageable by someone my size. well pit cover

We need a warm day for those edges to soften enough to fold down a bit.

Working backwards, here's the picture of the rest of the drip edge in place. well pit cover

However, don't forget that I still have cement work to do inside. For sure, I have to finish blocking off the hole where the woodchuck got in. I think this is the never-ending project.

In other news: I did the next to the last day of the class I'm taking. That and this project is all. I'm having a tired day, but I need to recover because tomorrow is going to be busy.

See Still Not Quite

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Swingin' Low

  Today, for the first time since February, we were able to play handbells in the church service. What fun! It was a piece I especially like, too. You can't tell (because you can't see me in the back row), but I'm the one doing the occasional wood block beats. It's a medley of Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Deep River.

The rest of the service was neat too, in that it was the day the church burned the mortgage on their "new" building, built in 2008. See link for a neat story about the old building. And the old building is now the Ludington Area Center for the Arts where I've participated in quite a few events.

I actually acted on what Sundays are supposed to be- a day of rest. I created this video and another, and chilled and did some word puzzles. Quite nice.

See Three Gifts

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Kisses from Sophie

  I was thinking of titling this Sales, Sue, and Sophie. But we forgot to take a picture of Sue, and who cares about seeing another vendor picture.
woman holding a dachshund

Sue stopped by the vendor event so we got to chat a little bit. When I told her to be sure to pet Sophie for me, Sue said, "She's in the car." Well, I couldn't pass that up, and the event wasn't all that busy right then. And Sopie's sister, Anabelle, was there too. Usually Anabelle can take me or leave me, but today I got quite a few kisses from her as well. But Sophie, for reasons only a doggie brain can fathom, really loves me (I probably smell good to her). I'm still smiling from all the Sophie kisses today.
dschshund licking a face

The vendor event went really well. It was a small one, so I didn't have huge expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a good thing! I'm vegetating this evening. Handbells tomorrow!

See A Hike with Sophie

Friday, October 16, 2020

Baking Day

  The baked goods I made to sell last weekend spawned some special orders for this weekend. I'm not going to start randomly vending foods, but pre-orders are safe because they are already sold. So today, I made banana bread, zuchinni bread, and some apple cinnamon scones. I kept out just enough dough to cook a small one for myself because this was an experiment. No problem. They are definitely yummy. quick breads scones

The other news is that I did not get to sleep last night until 6:30 this morning. Who knows why. So I worked on a quiet project that's been on my list for a long time. That's better than doing something I HAVE to do because it's more relaxing. Finally got to sleep just as the sky was turning gray. Woke up at 10. Then I had to do my class work for the day. Then I baked. That is all. Tomorrow is the vendor event in Baldwin.
See Ready for Tomorrow
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