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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Next Stop- Maumee River

Tonight I'm parked with Marianne D- trail friend and Girl Scout friend.
person by sycamore tree

We took a little walk beside the Maumee River. It's much prettier in the green months than last winter!
Maumee River

We went to check out two treehouse cabins which can be rented from Toledo Metroparks. Probably not cheap camper lodging, but right along the trail. Location 41.44967, -83.783427.

In the wildlife department, probably as a result of the hot weather, we found a new hatch of water striders. I'd never seen tiny ones before. I wonder if this means there won't be many next year. If the eggs are supposed to overwinter and hatch in the spring will this be a problem, or will these mature quickly and lay more eggs? I don't know!
tiny water striders

And it was a fantastic day for me! I found a new stage of a plant I've only seen in Ohio. This is Wingstem. The seed pods are distinctive and attractive.
wingstem seed pods

One more road day, but it will have adventures. Stay tuned.

See Wingstem

Monday, October 2, 2023

Step Two Homeward

Now I have a friend in my hometown who also likes to hike! Diane and I were a few too many years apart as children to really know each other. Now it turns out that we like a lot of the same things.

We had time for a short hike before I had to hit the road, and she took me to see a piece of rail trail so new it's only been open for about 10 days. This was a section of the Lehigh Valley system. Only 2.3 miles are open yet, but it may get extended.
Odessa rail trail

This line stayed high on the hills for frieght. The passenger line had to stay low to go through Ithaca at the south end of the lake, 500 feet lower down. That means there are some great views. This is the valley south of Watkins Glen, and we think the water there is the south end of Seneca Lake.

I liked this one a lot with hills and a farm.
farm in a valley

Then I hit the road and went across western NY. I've shared a lot of views of this drive in several seasons, over the years. All I could get is some drive=by snaps out the windos, but this one is OK. Just the hills I love. Sure, it's not the Adirondacks here, but it's still great. The afternoon light made the trees glow, and the colors are fantastic this year.
new york hills

And I arrived at blogger-friend Ann's house to spend the night.

Odessa, NY. Bruno Schickel Rail Trail. 2.3 miles

See Time to Leave

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Time to Leave

The Celebration ended right after breakfast. A lot of people did one more thing in the area if they weren't pressed for time. Some people hiked a few more NCT miles either in Vermont or New York. I know of 6 people who made a point of hiking in the mile from the road to the eastern terminus at Maine Junction. (Vermont)

Marie and I walked up to Lookout Point on the camp property. This is a great view to the south, but the NCT is north of here, so I can't show you where that fits. This isn't from the highest point, but it includes a lake, so I liked it better.
view from Forest Lake Camp

Then we went to North Creek, which has just become an official Trail Town. The link below is the day I walked through there last year. Today, I studied the mosaic more carefully. It's a whole block long with many panels. I'll just show you the sun which I particularly like. There are a couple more pictures in the linked post. The artist said she might try to incorporate a blue blaze on a tree in it since they are now a Trail Town.
mosaic sun

Then we walked across the Husdon River. The light was much nicer than the gray and rainy day I was there last year. This is where the trail crosses the river.
Hudson River

We sure enjoyed how the colors were turning. The reds were especially beautiful this year.
red maple leaves

Before I completely leave the Celebration behind, I'll mention that last night's keynote speaker was Jennifer Pharr Davis, renowned hiker and all-around cool person. She came a day earlier so she could go on one of the hikes today on OUR trail. That is a quality "celebrity."
Jennifer Pharr Davis

The Spirit of the Woods Chapter of the NCTA had 9 people at the Celebration! I think that's a record for us.
people at a camp table

But, eventually, Marie and I had to say goodbye for now. She is already home and I am back at Dick and Darla's. I made one rest stop on the drive, at a crossing of West Canada Creek. The Adirondacks just keep giving their beauty.
West Canada Creek

Don't be surprised if I end up in the Daks again next summer on some volunteer project for the trail. I just feel like I have a tiger by the tail.

See Across the Hudson

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Fort Ticonderoga

Today I chose to do a tour of Fort Ticonderoga. I hadn't been there since I was a child, and I really wanted to see it. The location was important in Colonial and Revolutionary times. Whoever controlled Lake Champlain and the waterway that basically connects the St. Lawrence River with the Hudson River controlled that whol part of the country. You can see the cannon mounted to face Lake Champlain.
fort ticonderoga

Some of the fort is original, and some is reconstructed. This is the inner courtyard.
fort ticonderoga

We watched a musket firing demonstration, with explanation of how the soldiers were organized so that they didn't shoot each other.
musket firing

This man was demonstrating how the guns were cleaned after firing.
cleaning a musket

This is a morter. They were highly decorated, and the designs mean something, but I didn't have time to read all of what that was about. Apparently most of the artillery used was made in the Caribbean.
revolutionary war morter

This is believed to be the oldest American military uniform in existence. It was made in 1772.
Colonial era uniform

Finally for today, here are two horsemen who were patroling the grounds.s
Colonial horsemen

Gotta scoot to dinner. We did another fun thing too, but I'll have to share another time.

See Meade and Beckham

Friday, September 29, 2023

Meade and Beckham

We chose a short hike today because I needed to be back at the lodge in time for the workshops. We went up a trail that goes to Meade and Beckham Mountains. These are small, and they are east of the NCT route. I don't think I could identify where the trail fits into the view at all. But this is the vista from Meade.
Meade mountain view

From Beckham the view is to the south, and the body of water is Lake George, one of the larger lakes of the area.
Beckham mountain view

One amazing thing about this hike is that these two mountains are privately owned. Yes, you read that right. The owner keeps this trail open, and he is out there checking on it almost every day. We actually ran into him.

I attended two excellent workshops, one on the NCT mapping program, and one on some of the history of the Adirondack region. Then I led a workshop on tips for hiking the trail in the Adirondacks.

Now it's time to get ready for dinner. Nonstop fun!

See Moxham Mountain
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