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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Just Add Water and Sun

Just add water and sun, and we went from hazy green on Thursday to trees in full blossom today. Wow!

Our own fruit trees look amazing. It might be another good fruit year. Sour cherry...

sour cherry blossoms


pear blossoms

Crab apple...

crab apple blossoms

Even the lilacs are starting to open...

lilac blossoms

and on my walk, I saw an apple in full bloom too.

apple blossoms

It's amazing how soothing such ordinary blessings can be!

See Good Fruit Year?
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Ann said...

The trees all look so pretty decked out in their spring time blossoms. The trees gave you a nice mother's day gift this year :)

rainfield61 said...

Oh I wish I could taste some.
I like fruits.

Lin said...

The trees are exceptional this year. And the blooms on my redbud seem to be staying there extra long, which is okay with me!