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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home Again... Same or Different?

hikers near Mackinac Bridge

We are back at my house. Yes, all but three miles of the NCT (which I'm saving for the August celebration) have passed beneath my feet. We finished at the Lower Peninsula end of the Mackinac Bridge (Michigan). My total will be about 4390 miles (have to change some numbers in my spreadsheet to get the exact figure).

Oddly enough, I don't feel much of anything. The last day was just one more walk like all the rest. We did this entire section as day hikes with a car at each end of the day. We walked to the car, got some lunch, did some sightseeing, and went back to the house of the friends where we were staying.

It is very strange. I guess that I can't get my head around the idea that it's basically over. Of course I will keep hiking, but after the August shindig there just won't be any more big yearly trips to explore some new piece of this trail. I have ideas for places to hike, and ideas for more ways to support and promote the North Country Trail, but for 20 years my summers have been defined by where my new NCT hike was going to be. Now that will be changed.

I don't know just what to do with this reality yet.


Lin said...

I think you have to just enjoy the accomplishment for awhile. Your next adventure will present itself in due time. Congratulations on your achievement!! You are something, Sharky!! :) Hooray for you!!

Ann said...

That is a lot of miles. Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment. And like Lin said in due time. You'll know it when you see it.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Great news - don't worry you will find some new challenges - I will be thinking about your hike as we do ours this morning :)

Ratty said...

It might not be much help, but the best thing you can maybe do is just enjoy the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. It may not come very easily, but the magnitude of what you've done should hopefully begin to sink in. And there are always new trails and new adventures. You've done something great, even with those few more miles to go.

Loretta said...

Congrats! Looking forward to celebrating with you and others on those final three miles in August! I would imagine that you are a bit tired at this point to truly appreciate your accomplishment...but it is certainly awesome! I know you are not looking forward to doing the paper route, but good luck with that too....

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