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Monday, June 7, 2010

Lake Superior Rocks

photo label

These pictures were taken on May 28, back on the lovely day on the Lake Superior Shore. Yup, that's me out on the rocks. I just like the shot- both for the scale of the rocks compared to a human, and I like climbing around on them. The rocks below are polished by the waves and sand, and kept shiny by the water. Nature's artistry.
photo label

By now we are only have 3 more hiking days in the Upper Peninsula, and are far east of where these were taken, but we'll be back to a different spot on the Lake Superior shore in just 2 more days.


Dreamer13 said...


Auntie E said...

Looks like you are viewing some wonderful things. Love the orchid and the water over the rocks.It brings back some wonderful times in Canada.

Secondary Roads said...

Simply beautiful. It brings back memories of Michigan's north land.

Ann said...

It's just beautiful there. Love the picture of the rocks, nature is a brilliant artist.

Ratty said...

Seeing you standing there in the picture really puts the size of everything into perspective. It all looks so huge.

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