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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tahquamenon- June 8

Lower Tahquamenon Falls

We had a short walking day today to give us plenty of time to fool around and see all of the Tahquemenon Falls. (It rhymes with phenomonon.) There are five lower falls (both lower down the river and lower in height), and the upper falls. First we came to the lower ones.

Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Here is a closeup of one of the lower falls.

Upper Tahquamenon Falls

The upper falls is considered the second largest falls in the US, based on width, height and water flow. Of course Niagara is first. You used to be allowed to go much closer to the falls, but now the viewing is restricted to platforms which keep you at a distance, which makes it seem smaller.

Upper Tahquamenon Falls

This is a special place to me. Hubby and I honeymooned here 42 years ago, and I've been back several times. I almost decided to make it the location to complete my NCT hike, but it seemed too far from home for friends to easily join me.

We were glad we filled every water container before we left the park, even though it meant extra weight, because we camped that night in a poor location in sight of a small lake we could not access for water. But we were content with the memories of the falls and a short walking day.


Julia said...

That's really pretty. I love this kind of scenery. Glad your hiking has been so splendid. :)

Secondary Roads said...

I love those pictures! My folks visited the Tahquemenon Falls several times after I left home. I've never been there. But I do feel like I've visited there--if only in spirit. Thanks friend.

Ann said...

Very pretty. Just love water falls. Must have been a great place to hike, the scenery is gorgeous.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Very pretty falls!

Nishant said...

Glad your hiking has been so splendid.
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RNSANE said...

Such a beautiful, scenic spot. Nice to return to the place you honeymooned! My favorite falls, thus far, have been Iguazu, on the
Argentinian - Brazilian border!

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