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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fox's Breakfast

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I love following how my little fox friend makes his rounds and works on the business of survival. He tends to walk, more often than not, in the paths that my snowshoeing has compacted. Wild animals don't want to expend extra energy floundering through deep snow if they don't have to.

These past few days when it's been so cold, I wonder when the critters get a break so they can find a meal. Well, I know what the fox had for breakfast yesterday.
photo label

There's one less pigeon to flutter around the grain elevator now. That's ok. They have it easy, just picking up free grain, and getting plump. I'm happy to know that one of them served a good purpose.

See Where the Fox Went
See But Is It Sylvia?


Lin said...

Oh, that is harsh. My mom used to tell me that predators can't catch the healthy and the young. It may have been to make me feel better, but I like it, so I'll stick with it.

Too bad that old (VERY old) and sick pigeon died in the mouth of that fox....


rainfield61 said...

They have their breakfast, we have ours.

Ann said...

Well the fox must have really enjoyed that breakfast but he sure left his table a mess :)

Secondary Roads said...

Fine dining for Mr Fox. Squab for breakfast! Yum.

Ferd said...

The circle of life! That's just the way it is!

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- Sorry to disturb you... it was certainly a slow pigeon, that's guaranteed.

rainfield- yes... we all have to eat, and for that something has to die- vegetable or animal

Ann- no napkin handy, I guess!

Chuck- "squab"- sounds like gourmet dining. I think you are right... an entire pigeon probably was an epicurean delight.

Ferd- It really is. And I want "my" fox to survive a lot more than I care about another messy pigeon.

RNSANE said...

Pigeons can be pretty disease carrying birdies. I remember, a million years ago, in my microbiology class, we did a lot of cultures of the pigeons that used to hang out around Charity Hospital in New Orleans. No wonder they put out wiring and things to try to keep them away.

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