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Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Small Project Done, One Giant Step Up the Learning Curve

homemade pajamas

If you remember, on January 16, I posted about some projects in progress. One of them was a pair of pajamas for Om. Well, I finished them today. The pattern of the fabric sort of obscures the shape- the legs are folded up, just to fit them in the picture. Any further pictures will probably have a body in them. Om has them on, and says they feel good.

So what's the big deal about a simple pair of pajamas? Why did they take me so long to finish? Previously (in a "past life"), I could knock out a couple of pairs of pajamas in an afternoon. Well, the big deal is what you see in the next picture.

Janome Memory Craft 9000 sewing machine

This is the Janome Memory Craft 9000 sewing machine. It's my introduction to electronic sewing machines. I'm sort of buying it from a friend. The "sort-of" comes in because I haven't paid her anything yet. I'm finding it frustrating to learn how to do the simplest things... things I could practically do with my eyes closed on any machine made in the previous 120 years.

Now, everything about sewing machines has changed. I decided I needed a really simple project, one that wouldn't be a total crisis if I messed it up. I've had to look up how to do everything... just to reverse at the end of a seam to hold the stitching is a project. How do I zig-zag? How do I wind the bobbin? How does this one thread? How do I change the stitch length?

I can do all of those things now, although some of them are not the comfortable, easy movements they've always been. I think I'm going to keep the machine... at some point I want to learn how to use the fancy stuff... but I don't want simple stitching to be such a trial. Sigh. But I need a sewing machine. I've beat three of them into the ground and don't have a single one that works, unless I keep this one.

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jeanlivingsimple said...

Well...dang...I love the crafty side of you!:)

Ferd said...

Everything is digital! I guess that's progress?!

All our new fancy gadgets were supposed to save us time. I don't think that promise ever panned out.

Ferd said...

BTW, nice end result!
I bet Om is warm and toasty in his new PJs! :-)

Glynis Peters said...

Wow, they look wonderful! Electronic gadgets...arrrrgghhhh! ;0

Duxbury Ramblers said...

This blog reminds me of my Grandmother who brought a family of 14 up cooking on an old range this had an open fire with a couple of ovens. When all the family had more or less left the range was taken out and a new tiled fireplace put in my Gran was in her 70s at this time, a new electric cooker was installed and after reading the instructions she never cooked again, this strange gadget frightened the life out of her :) it must happen to every generation. Sorry to have babbled on must be getting old my self :)

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

The jammies look great … and for what it's worth, Janome seems to have an excellent rep among many sewing geeks.

Enjoy your re-learning curve!

vanilla said...

Beautiful says she will keep her Singer 401A Slantomatic which she has had for fifty years. (I even offered to buy her a new machine.)

Auntie E said...

What a great job. looks good.

Anonymous said...

Hm--collar, cuffs, and fabric to be matched--seems like you did a fine job in spite of the "digitals".
I'm attempting to learn my new computer stuff along with skype and a new digital phone system--and it isn't easy. There are wonderful features, but many is the time where I'd rather use a string and two cans for a phone. Lin's Mom

Ann said...

the pajamas look good. I enjoy sewing occasionally, not that I'm any expert at it but still enjoy it. The machine I have is one that my aunt bought me when I first got married way back in 1982. I would love one of the newer machines but I would probably also have a tough time learning it

Sharkbytes said...

Jean- good... because it shows up pretty often!

Ferd- no kidding- how is using a PDA faster than a notebook and pencil?

Glynis- thanks. I'm good with technology, but I don't like it when it slows me down.

Carol- Love your story! Don't apologize. I think I totally understand your grandmother.

Rose- yes it does. In fact, I've been oogling a Bernina for years, but saw a Janome demo a couple of years ago and was quite impressed. I will end up with this one just because it's the one available.

vanilla- if it's working well, absolutely! You have to really need/desperately want some of the fancy features to justify the electronics (and their incumbent failures)

Auntie E- Thanks!

Hi Phyl- well it wasn't that hard. It's a soft collar, no cuffs, and I didn't bother to match the print for pjs!

Ann- If you don't need a new one or desperately want the embroidery functions, stick with a mechanical one.

humble opinion by sirrob said...

I remember those days when I used to be practicing with a typewriter. LOL

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