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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Shadow Captured, and Top Commenters

tree with shadows

I first saw this tree's shadow about two years ago. But it's about ten miles from my house, and I didn't have a camera with me then. The shadow only looks like this at certain times of day, of course. I've seen it when the shadow spread even longer... but I was very happy to see it today. Again, I was traveling to one of my work assignments, and I did have the camera.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment in January! There were 41 different people who left messages, and a total of 193 separate comments (not counting my own responses to them).

The top 10 for this past month are:
Ann's Snap & Edit (Ann- 31 comments)- Ann's a staunch supporter!
My Journey (rainfield61- 24 comments)- rainfield is willing to talk to me, as well as to spiders
Carmen's Chronicles (Carmen- 18 comments)- despite working on getting moved, she's visited regularly
Duck and Wheel with String (Lin- 15 comments)- despite the snow, she drops in
Spinning Lovely Days (Ivy- 12 comments)- Ivy should be beatable in Feb- she's battling the nausea of pregnancy, and isn't on line every day!
Duxbury Ramblers (Carol- 10 comments)- Carol names all her wildlife friends
Secondary Roads (Chuck- 9 comments)- Chuck is back- his wrist is better (and he got voice recognition software)
The Joy of Bird Watching and Living a Simple Life (Jean- 8 comments)- Birds in Georgia are her gig
Be a Lifesaver of Goodness (Borris aka Sir Rob- 7 comments) a new friend who works in healthcare
The Joys of Simple Life (betchai - 6 comments)- an avid hiker from the west

Thanks to all of you for your friendship! And you get a small banner in the sidebar for the next month.


RNSANE said...

That is such an incredibly beautiful picture, Joan, with the shadows of the tree on the snow.

As for commenting, visiting your blog is good therapy for me, connecting with a friend. I miss you on the days I don't visit.

Ferd said...

Very nice picture, and an even nicer bunch of regulars at your site! :-)

Lin said...

I love that tree. :) The trees are beautiful with the snow on them these days.

Thanks for the mention--it's a joy visiting you, Sharky!

wiseacre said...

no comment :)

Anonymous said...

The peaceful tree looks like it's roots are reaching out, asking us to stop and enjoy. What a fine photographer (and writer) you are!
Since I read your book I've become a fan of your blog.
Lin's Mom

Joe Todd said...

Stopped by to say Hi.. I'm really tired of winter...

Secondary Roads said...

That is indeed an interesting shadow. Looks like roots!?
Thanks for the mention and the link.

rainfield61 said...

Just keep talking....

Best wishes to you.

Ann said...

That is one amazing and awesome shadow. Glad you had your camera to capture it this time.
Thanks for the link, I always enjoy my visits here.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- Thanks, my friend! Hopefully I can get that shadow when it's even longer some time.

Ferd- It's a nice place here. Glad to see you more often.

Lin- and the feeling is mutual, friend.

wiseacre- nah... you actually had 3... but that did leave you short of a link.

Phyl- Thanks so much for coming by and figuring out how to comment. The book is more "writing" while the blog is just sharing my days... but I bet you already figured that out.

Hi Joe- I love winter... but I don't need too many days like today, that's for sure.

Chuck- You are so right! That tree is growing up and down, both.

rainfield- I'll look for some little arachnids to talk to this spring.

Ann- It's really a spot worthy of some special trips in various seasons if I could pull that off.

humble opinion by sirrob said...

This is quite late but still better than nothing.. LOL

Love how you captured the trees.

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