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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Jokes from Luther


Ellen and I are still on a "high" from Saturday. On Sunday we got a tiny layer of freezing rain, making the snow crusty. Now we have a little snow on top to make the surface ok for outings, but the wind is whistling and the wind chill is -1 degree. Brrr. But Saturday was amazing. We knew it at the time, but maybe not the extent of the amazing-ness!

The nearest town to the Silver Creek Pathway is Luther, a very, VERY small town in the most remote corner of the poorest county in the state of Michigan. Of course when we finished snowshoeing a "powder room" was very much in order. We considered holding out for the gas station, but opted to high-step it to the rustic version.

no outlet sign

Did I mention that Luther is small? We cruised around town, just because. It does have a couple of side streets. Typical of many back roads, not all of them go somewhere.

no outlet sign

Especially here!

You may have heard that little podunk towns tend to be closed and unfriendly, but don't you believe it. You are welcome to poke around all you want... just don't get yourself apprehended!

no tresspassing

See Ellen and Joan Go to Silver Creek Pathway


RNSANE said...

I take it you are whole and intact, not in four pieces!

Lin said...

Yikes!! I like the "No Outlet Mall" sign. :)

Secondary Roads said...

I've been to Luther and have seen those signs. I had a friend from there who was a county commissioner. I've also been to Camp Living Waters, but that was a long time ago. Sylvia has a brother and a sister that live a few miles from there. Thanks for the visit.

Glynis said...

Sounds a fun place to go!

Ann said...

who says small town folks don't have a sense of humor? I like that last sign

rainfield61 said...

Sounds interesting!

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- We carefully took that picture from the public road!

Lin- We laughed and laughed over that one- no fooling!

Chuck- it's a small world that seems to center on Luther. Om had a great-aunt who lived there long ago- she had died before we moved here.

Glynis- I suspect the people who live there think that anywhere else is a good place to be.

Ann- I hope they were kidding, but...

rainfield- perhaps the jokes don't work as well in different countries.

Ferd said...

Ooh! That sounds like the town in a horror movie! You definitely do NOT want to be apprehended in a town like that! LOL

Sharkbytes said...

Ferd- It's odd to me why people think small towns are spooky. There are lots more places posted as KEEP OUT in urban areas. And overall, cities are much more dangerous.

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