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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yesterday and Today

I was going to post something more interesting, but now we have thunder and lightning again, so I have to disconnect, quick. Here is yesterday:

blue sky through pines

Here is today:

blue sky through pines

Snow, sleet, rain, slush, ice... we've done it all today. Right now... flash, bang, boom! Bye for now... read up about the contest.


medical safety said...

That that nature of nature, unpredictable. LOL

I love your contest today. I'll take my chance.

rainfield61 said...

It looks like now you are happy, now you aren't.

Ratty said...

It's amazing how different the weather is from one side of the state to the other we've had the stormy weather, but there is no snow at all.

I'm hooked on the puzzle you put up above.

Ann said...

unbelievable. we had 60 degree weather today with lots of rain but it's supposed to turn cold tonight and snow tomorrow. when will it ever end

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

sir rob- Glad to hear that you will enter. I hope we get a good number of entries.

rainfield- well, I tend to like "all" weather, but frankly, I'm ready for the snow to leave and warm green things to appear.

Ratty- Ann Arbor area is in a totally different weather pattern, usually. Glad to hear that you are doing the puzzle, since I know you can write stories!

Ann- It's supposed to be wet all week, some snow, some rain. I'm hoping this is the last fling.

Ferd said...

Hard to know how to dress sometimes!

wintergurl said...

malaysia too hot

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